Information Architecture vs. User Experience

A question I’m often asked is about the relationship between Information Architecture and User Experience. Im interested in any other interpretations, below is how these two disciplines take shape in my projects.

Information Architecture falls under the umbrella of User Experience. IA looks at the organization and structure of website content to maximize usability, and is a foundational concept in user-centered web design. The chief questions for a UX project manager to ask are: “how does the current site organization affect current user behavior? And how might the site organization improve the user experience?”

The end result of User Experience concerns the emotional interaction of users with the web structure. A good web structure is an essential component of that experience. You cant have good UX without a strong, logical, thoughtful IA.

To put the relationship another way a UX specialist will need to master IA, but an IA specialist may not need to delve into UX. A good UX encompasses IA as its foundation but doesnt stop there, UX is the thread that binds together all stages of user-centered design and user-centered development.