Welcome to the No Handoff method.

No Handoff offers a practical working pattern that shrinks the distance between product and engineering. We’re one team. Let’s work that way.

Frustrated with the lack of discovery in Agile? Want to stop guessing a spec into existence so you can do your job? Consider a new pattern where discovery and production processes work hand in hand to iterate well informed products.

We are all familiar with project handoff: that universally hated period of inefficiency, disruption, and blame. No Handoff is a working pattern that brings product and engineering into one team, eliminating handoff and reducing risk.

No Handoff respects the interdependent relationships between design and discovery, development and deployment. Harnessing the power of prototyping as a shared language between all stakeholders, with No Handoff all teams contribute to an incrementally improving product guided by user needs and continuous feedback.

No Handoff is simple, though not easy. It is the next stage in disrupting the silos that keep product and engineering apart.