Creating the arXiv Brand

In 2020, we discovered through a legal review that the arXiv (pronounced ‘arKive’) brand was in the public domain: name, logo, colors were all unprotected and usable by anyone, for any purpose. This mishap was born from arXiv’s legacy as a product of the early days of internet and emodies (as it still does) the ethos of open knowledge.

However, 30 years later, the unprotectability of arXiv’s identity was causing problems. Third party apps were using arXiv’s name in confusing ways, diluting our messaging. Funders, the lifeblood of this non-profit, were confused as to who arXiv really was and what their money would actually do. Our support staff were even getting requests to fix bugs in unrelated products!

Starting in spring of 2021, I led a diverse group of stakeholders on a re-branding journey to discover arXiv’s northstar and develop and identity around it; one that is unique, meaningful, and protectable. Our new logo came to life nine months later, in time for arXiv’s 30th anniversary in October 2021. The legal trademark process completed in early 2022, creating an excellent foundation for the strong and protectable identity we are building around it.

Growing the Brand

Our identity got a wonderful visibility boost when Amazon featured it in Times Square on Pi Day, 2022:

(See their full display at

arXiv’s flexible tagline, “arXiv connects…”, can be adapted to highlight the myriad ways this service connects scientists to each other, to the latest research, and to the world of open science.

arXiv’s identity includes several typographic treatments, seen here on 30th anniversary and other merchandise: